Adrien Broom is a young artist, who plays with immagination searching the edge between reality and fables. Here are some of her photos from different projects about colours, movement and characters.
Tastefully Bizarre.

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talat darvinoğlu

Surrealist, Decadent.


is born in December 1988, although it should be in 1888. surrealist, decadent.
like everyone else, is dying slowly.

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Jose Luis Lopez Galvan

Contemporary Symbolism.

Admirer of Baroque art, Chiaroscuro of Rembrandt and inventiveness of painter as Salvador Dalì or Remedios Varo, he raises inch by inch his own symbolism.
At the beginning, he founds the highest technique to communicate different concepts as death, fear or hypocrisy in an empirical way, without restriction of animals, humans or objects.
The pourpose of the entire collection is to create a collage that connects different ideas representing a portrait of a believable world, not things shape but their essence.  


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